Control your home lighting and appliances through hands-free voice commands. EMTHINGS works with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap devices.  



Prepare Smart Switches Names for Voice Commands using EMTHINGS App

You need to specify a name by which a switch can be addressed through voice commands. For this, you need to set a unique name of the Switch Module (like "Living Room") using EMTHINGS App.  You also need to give a unique name to every switch point for the lighting or appliance it is controlling. For example, a switch name can be "Fan", "Light", "TV", and "AC" etc. Once you know the name, you can control the switch using the Alexa voice commands. The addressable name for a switch includes name of the Switch Module and the switch name. If a Switch Module name is "Bedroom" and the switch name is "Light 1", the addressable name would be "Bedroom Light 1". To turn on the switch with voice command, you would say "Alexa, turn on the Bedroom Light 1"


Connect EMTHINGS with Amazon Alexa

  • Download the Amazon Alexa App for iOS or Android on your mobile device
  • Open the Alexa App and tap the menu at top left
  • Now open Skills section and search for EMTHINGS skill
  • Once the skill is open, tap ENABLE. This will take you to EMTHINGS authentication page in a web browser
  • Enter your EMTHINGS user email and password to authenticate and create linking between Amazon Alexa and EMTHINGS 
  • Once successfully linked, close the browser window and begin device discovery from the Alexa App
  • A progress bar appears in the Alexa App while it looks for all the devices you have. This takes up to 20 seconds
  • When discovery completes, discovered devices will be listed under Devices in the Smart Home section of the Alexa App


Control EMTHINGS with Amazon Alexa

Now you can control the discovered devices using the Alexa App and through voice commands. Few examples:

  • To turn on Living Room Fan, say "Alexa, turn on Living Room Fan"
  • To turn off Living Room AC, say "Alexa, turn off Living Room AC"
  • To dim the Bedroom Light, say "Alexa, set the Bedroom Light to 50 percent"
  • To increase the Kitchen Light, say "Alexa, brighten the Kitchen Light by 20 percent"