Energy Savings


As per the Office of Energy and Renewable Energy in Washington DC, automatically turning on and off lights and home appliances help save energy in a way most people don’t realize. Most of us turn on and turn off lights as needed but many times we forget to control them when not needed. Dimmers, timers, motion sensors, and thermostat provide a good way to manage and control your home lighting for energy savings.

EMTHING is a Wi-Fi enabled smart switch and provides an easy way to control lighting on-demand from anywhere. You may not realize but this is a great way to save energy. Consider a scenario where you forgot to turn off your room AC before you left home for a party. In the middle of the party, you realize that AC is on for nothing. Now you don’t have to wait to get back to home to turn it off as you can control it right then from your smartphone. 

Dimmers provide a way to increase or decrease lights and fans intensity. When you dim a light to a comfortable level, it also reduces the wattage requirements and helps save on electricity bill. Incandescent or dimmable LED bulbs are great choices to be used as dimmable lights. Most times, such dimmers are dedicated units that you need to buy and install separately, but with EMTHINGS you can enjoy savings with built-in dimmers. 

Motion sensors can detect a room activity and turn on lights. Most motion sensor switches can also turn off after a while when there is no activity. This is an easy way to use lights, fans, and other appliances with occupancy in a room. This can translate into significant amount of energy savings over a period of time. EMTHINGS' built-in smart motion sensor can also be adjusted for the time to turn off when no activity.

Timers are great to turn on and off lights at specific times. Timers help program time to turn on and off automatically. With automatic programs, it’s easy to define when to use a light and when not. Now, you don’t have to worry about turning off your balcony light in the morning. Every minute of not using electricity when not needed, adds to savings. With EMTHINGS, you can have up to a dozen different timers to turn on and/or off. This gives you flexibility to fine-tune usage scenarios on specific day in a week.

Temperature sensors can sense a room temperature. EMTHINGS has built-in temperature sensor and can act like a thermostat. The thermostat function helps to keep a room temperature at a desired level while controlling AC or heaters with room temperature changes. This results into significant savings as you can precisely control operations of the heavy loads without waking up in the middle of the night.

Parental locking is another unique feature of EMTHINGS for disabling a switch operation from unwanted usage. This is an easy way to “lock” your AC when you don’t want your household help to misuse it while you are away. No need to have ugly discussions as you are in control with EMTHINGS. Avoiding every minute of unwanted usage of your AC or any other home appliance is pure saving.

EMTHINGS provides an easy way to keep track of amount of time a switch was used. Usage monitoring keeps the usage data for up to one year and you can view it as daily or monthly usage trend. This gives you an easy tools to understand the electricity usage profile of your home. Based on the information, you can make energy savings decisions such as adjusting lighting wattage or having a talk with your kid to change usage habits. Possibilities are unlimited.


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