EMTHINGS App provides intuitive interface to setup, program, and control the Smart Switch System.

The App is freely available on Android and Apple iOS devices.








First Time Users
  • Make sure you have EMTHINGS App installed on your mobile device from Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • If you don't already have a user id with EMTHINGS, create one from the App.
  • Log in to the app using your user id and password.



Setup a Smart Switch System
  • Make sure that the switch module is installed properly and its status indicator is blinking. 
  • Check that your mobile smartphone or tablet is connected to the internet via your home Wi-Fi network (not  2G/3G/4G). 
  • Have the switch module device Id/QR code ready from the switch module or from the warranty card.
  • To start the setup process, tap on Setup A New Device from the app. 
  • Continue by scanning QR code or manually entering  device Id, home Wi-Fi SSID, and password. It will take a few seconds to get the switch initialized and setup
  • On success, the switch module status indicator (orange colour) will be solid (not blinking) and the app would show the interface to control all the switch points.
  • Expansion Module: An Expansion module is attached to an existing Standard, Lighting, or Power module for adding more switch points. The App automatically detects and adds additional switch points to the App without any setup steps.  
Personalization Options
  • You can personalize a switch module as per your preferences. There are several personalization options 
    • Description:  You can change the description to match the room where the module is installed. 
    • Switch point name: Change the name of a switch point to correctly describe the controlled load.  
    • Switch point image: Personalize the switch point image with the pictures of a light or appliance in use. 
On Demand On/Off Control
  • Every switch point can be turned on or off using the App toggle button interface. 
  • The toggle button turns green when the switch is on and grey when the switch is off.
  • The status message near the toggle button describes the switch state (on or off) and the duration for which the switch was on.  


Schedule On/Off Time
  • Every switch point can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times.  
  • The schedule can be setup as daily or on any specific week day. 
  • A switch can have up to 12 unique schedules with on and off time. 
  • Once a switch schedule is set, it remembers it even after a power loss. No App is required for the automated operations. 


Dimmer Operation and Transitions
  • The App provides a slider bar interface for dimming and transitions (only available with the Lighting module). 
  • Move the slider for the desired dimming. The leftmost  point represents 20% and the rightmost point is 100% (fully on).
  • You can also operate dimmer manually by constantly touching a switch point for more than 3 seconds in ON state. 
  • Both the switch indicators (blue and white) will be lit during dimming operation to reflect the status.
  • Transitions or fade-in /fade-out effect  can be controlled from the dimmer settings (only for lights).
    • You can select fade-in and fade-out interval from 1 to 10 seconds.
    • When fade-in interval is set, a light will gradually transition from off to its full intensity during the interval
    • When fade-out interval is set, a light will gradually transition  from on to off  during the interval
  • The dimmer and transition settings are preserved across switch on/off  or even after a power loss. 


Control with Motion
  • Every switch module has motion/occupancy sensor to automate switch operations with motion activity.
  • You can program a switch to turn on with a motion activity in the room.
  • A switch can also be programmed to automatically turn off after a period of inactivity in the room to save energy.


Control with Temperature
  • The temperature sensor in the switch module senses the room temperature constantly. The room temperature is also displayed on the app.
  • You can use it as thermostat to program a switch to turn on and off at certain room temperatures. 
  • This thermostat feature is useful for controlling fan, cooler, AC, or heater to maintain room temperature at a comfortable level. 


Parental Lock
  • Parental lock function is useful to prevent unwanted or unauthorized usage of electrical appliances such as AC, TV, or any lighting. 
  • You can lock a switch using the App. Once locked, it will prevent all manual or smart operations until the switch is unlocked again. 


Alerts and Notifications
  • Switch on/off activity can be notified on the App once notifications are turned on.
  • Similarly, the motion activity in a room can also be notified on the App. 
  • Enable or disable notification alerts
    • Apple iOS: Make sure that notifications are enabled or disabled from the device settings for the EMTHINGS App.
    • Android: Enable or disable notifications from the EMTHINGS App switch settings page (accessible by tapping on the device name). 
View Energy Usage
  • You can view the electricity usage history from the electricity usage view by tapping the graph icon.
  • In order to reflect the correct information, please make sure that you have entered the correct wattage information for load controlled by the switch.
  • The electricity usage can be viewed as Monthly and Annual views by toggling the mode button.
  • You can zoom in and out the graphs to better view the information.


All On or Off
  • The App has option to turn on or turn off all the switched at once.
  • All On or All Off controls are available from the switch settings page
Operate Multiple Switch Modules
  • The EMTHINGS app can manage multiple switches.
  • You can view the list of all the setup switch systems from the app menu. You can select any system from the list to operate. 
  • User will continue to receive notifications and alerts for all the switches.


Resetting a Switch
  • It is recommended to reset a switch module if  you are trying to reuse a switch module and want to wipe out all the existing settings and usage history.
  • You can reset the switch by removing it using the App.
  • You can also manually reset the switch by constantly touching a switch in off state (white indicator lit) for more than 10 seconds.
  • Please note that all the settings and data will be lost after reset and the switch system needs to be setup again using the App.


Update Switch System Firmware
  • If there is an update to the switch system software for improvements or fixes, the App will notify user to perform an update.
  • User can choose to upgrade when prompted. Please note that the switch module and your mobile device needs to be on home Wi-Fi network and connected to internet for any updates.
  • Generally, the update takes approximately 5 minutes and during that time, the switch operations are disabled. It is important to not power cycle the switch when an update is ongoing to avoid issues.
  • After the update is applied successfully, the switch will be restarted and ready to use. No settings or data is lost during the update.