The Wi-Fi enabled Smart Switch System has integrated timers, motion sensing, temperature sensing, parental lock, usage monitoring, and feather touch controls. The switches can be operated via EMTHINGS App or manually using the touch points.  

A Wi-Fi home network with an internet connection is required for setting up the switch from the App. Once the setup is done, you can operate the switches from the App. 

When you are at your home and your mobile device is connected to your home Wi-Fi network, the internet connection is not used by the switch for operations from your smartphone or by touch control.

When you are not at home, the switch needs to be connected to the internet via the home Wi-Fi network for receiving control commands remotely from your smartphone. For remote controlling, the commands are authenticated and then securely routed from your mobile device to the switch via EMTHINGS server in the internet cloud.  

Once you set smart rules with time, motion, or temperature, the switch remembers the settings and no internet connection or App is required to perform those operations automatically. The switch settings are preserved even after a power loss.