Concept to Operational  IoT Solution within Weeks

EMTHINGS IoT platform has dozens of hardware and software solutions that are ready-to-go. Mature EMTHINGS technological processes and platforms make it possible to have any custom solution within a matter of weeks. Our customers witness the best time-to-market without compromising on quality.


Holistic IoT Development

Our holistic design and development approach includes custom Hardware, Software, Apps, and Cloud services. This enables us to architect and distribute an IoT system for the best efficiency and reduced costs. Our experienced and motivated team is committed to engineer the best possible solution for your home and industrial needs. We take end-user privacy and online security seriously while building solutions.


Turnkey Solution

We make our customers' life easy as they don't have to deal with hardware, software, apps, and cloud separately. Our end-to-end solution eliminates integration and interactions issues often faced with diverse technologies and vendors. We are also sensitive about our customer privacy and have mechanism in place to protect IP and business information. Whether you need a complete IoT implementation or just some improvements, we are here to service you.


Our modular architecture combines state of the art technology, standardize communication, user friendly interfaces, and automated validation infrastructure. We are positioned to support products that are used by millions or mere handfuls. Our view of scalability also includes modular hardware, software flexibility for future enhancements, over-the-air updates, and Cloud services that can be owned by our customers or managed by us.


We proactively deploy device management, device health monitoring, and usage analytics as standard functions across the board. Our flexible architecture easily puts machine learning (ML) algorithms and deep learning engines to work for improved customer experience and business analytics. We can further expand analytics to better suite your business needs.

Cost Advantage

Our hardware and software platforms enable quality products with the fastest time-to-market. By leveraging time-tested technologies and stable infrastructures, we pass on the cost savings to our clients. Our fixed-cost development and deployment model provides milestone based transparency to track the progress. Large companies, startups, or enthusiasts, we love to work with each of you.


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