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Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Switch System

How do I install a switch module?

The switch module is very easy to install like any conventional modular switch. Product comes with quick start guide with installation instructions. Please refer to more details on installation and setup here.

Why is my smart switch is not setting up with my Wi-Fi router?

Few things to check

  • Make sure that your Wi-Fi router is connected to the internet
  • Make sure that your mobile phone with EMTHINGS App is also connected to the same Wi-Fi router (and not mobile data network)
  • Make sure that EMTHINGS device is in setup mode with blinking status light
  • Wi-Fi router settings
    • EMTHINGS products support only 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
    • Check that your wireless security network authentication is WPA2 with Pre-Shared Key (PSK
    • Disable AP (access point) isolation, also known as client isolation. Please refer to your router documentation for the specific steps
    • EMTHING devices use UPnP (Universal Plug and Play), also known as multicast. You will need to enable UPnP in your router settings. Please refer to your router documentation for the specific steps
    • Please check that channel width is set to 20MHz only in the Wi-Fi settings 
    • If you are attempting to connect through a Wi-Fi extender, please check for the same Wi-Fi settings
How do control switches from the EMTHINGS App?

The EMTHINGS App is available for Android and iOS devices. The app provides intuitive interface to operate and setup smart rules for switches. All the smart settings are stored in the switch and the App does not need to be on all the time for operations. For more details, refer app setup and usage.

Do I need internet connection to use the switch all the times?

If you are using the switch from within your home Wi-Fi network, no internet connection will be needed. The internet connection is only required to setup the switch module initially and to operate remotely. Manual touch control operations are always available.

Does every smart switch module comes with features like scheduling, motion sensing, and temperature sensing etc.?

Yes. These are integrated features for all the switch modules. No additional hardware or device needs to be purchased for such features. In addition, EMTHINGS does not require any additional bulky hubs.  Please refer to the product page for specific details and products comparison. 

Can I connect lighting or appliance with power rating higher than the switch rating?

No. You must not use any lighting or appliance with power rating higher than the switch rating. It is not safe and can damage the switch. This will also void the product warranty.

How does manual touch control work?

You can turn on or off a switch by gently tapping on the switch point. Blue indicator represents an ON and white indicates an OFF state. 

For Lighting Module, dimming operation can also be performed by manually touching a switch point for more than 3 seconds in ON state. When the switch is dimming, you will notice that both the white and the blue indicators are lit.

How do I use dimmer operations?

Only Lighting Module has dimming operation that can be operated from the App or by manually touching a switch point for more than 3 seconds in ON state. When the switch is dimming, you will notice that both the white and the blue indicators are lit.

What if I need more than 2 smart switch points in a room?

Standard, Lighting, and Power modules provide 2, 2, and 1 switch points respectively. These modules can be expanded to have additional 6 smart switch points by attaching Expansion modules. One Expansion module adds 3 smart switch points to an existing Standard, Lighting, or Power module. 

Why do I need an Expansion Module?

Expansion modules are add-on modules to Standard, Lighting, and Power modules. The Expansion modules provide an easy and cost effective way to add more smart switch points to your home as your automation needs evolve. This is an easy way to scale small, medium, and large automation without any upfront investments. 

Why is the status indicator (orange colour) blinking?

If status indicator is blinking every second, switch module is in setup mode. Use EMTHINGS app to setup the switch module.


Why is the status indicator (orange colour) off?

The status indicator is off when the switch module is not connected to the internet. This happens when your home Wi-Fi network is not connected to the internet or the internet is down.


How do I put a switch module in setup mode?

If you change your home Wi-Fi password or access point, you would need to setup the switch again with the new details. In order to put a switch in setup mode, keep touching a switch point in OFF state (with white indicator lit) for more than 10 seconds.  Now use EMTHINGS App to setup the switch again. 

You could also enable the setup mode by resetting or removing the switch module using the App. However, all the control settings will be lost after removing the switch module form the App.


How do I remove a switch module?

You can remove or reset the switch controller using the App menu.  All the settings will be lost on reset and the switch will be required to be setup again from the app.

What is covered by the product warranty?

EMTHINGS smart switch system comes with 1 year limited warranty. Under warranty, EMTHINGS would repair or replace the product as long as it is not misused, altered, overloaded, and is in compliance with other terms listed under warranty details

Can I integrate EMTHINGS Smart Switches in my own application?

Yes. We provide REST APIs for controlling EMTHINGS Smart Switches from any non-EMTHINGS application. For more information and to access API reference guide, please send an email to with the details of your application and usage purpose. 

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